Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sime is a music addict.

Since DC is doing some music posts I think I'll folow in his freshly made footsteps and do a little post about music now.

First off, DC isn't kidding about Jose Gonzalez. That man is phenomenal. I bought his cd today, along with two others.

The other two cds I purchased at Other Music (where else?) were Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light by Bell Orchestre and Awesomer by Blood on the Wall.

Both albums are top notch. Bell Orchestre is a band that includes a couple or a few members of the Arcade Fire. How would I describe them? Well, it's instrumental "post rock". It's quite beautiful. They're serene at times, and cinematic, and joyful, and droney, and autumn. Very autumn.

Go here to experience what I'm babbling about.

Now, Blood on the Wall is a different experience. They're just an...awesome rock band
with a female singer, but she shares singing duties with the guitarist. They're from this wonderful city as well, so...I suggest you check 'em out.

Click here to download Reunite on Ice by Blood on the Wall.


Shit, my laundry has piled up to almost a place of no hope. I will pay someone a reasonable amount of money to do my laundry. I seriously have no time or energy for this shit.

I can't wait till I'm rich and I don't have to do this crap.
I'm sure by then there will be robot housekeepers.

Fuckin sweet...like the Jetsons and shit.

Ya know?

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