Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm in the library. A bunch of strikers just came into the lobby, unfurled a big banner, sat down on the floor, and started chanting. Apparently what they want is a contract and when they want it is now.

This is just like the 60's except no good folk music and nobody's having guilt-free hippie-sex with me.

The chant is speeding up to indicate their increasing level of seriousness.

Now they're all going WOO! to indicate...well, woo, I guess.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sime is a music addict.

Since DC is doing some music posts I think I'll folow in his freshly made footsteps and do a little post about music now.

First off, DC isn't kidding about Jose Gonzalez. That man is phenomenal. I bought his cd today, along with two others.

The other two cds I purchased at Other Music (where else?) were Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light by Bell Orchestre and Awesomer by Blood on the Wall.

Both albums are top notch. Bell Orchestre is a band that includes a couple or a few members of the Arcade Fire. How would I describe them? Well, it's instrumental "post rock". It's quite beautiful. They're serene at times, and cinematic, and joyful, and droney, and autumn. Very autumn.

Go here to experience what I'm babbling about.

Now, Blood on the Wall is a different experience. They're just an...awesome rock band
with a female singer, but she shares singing duties with the guitarist. They're from this wonderful city as well, so...I suggest you check 'em out.

Click here to download Reunite on Ice by Blood on the Wall.


Shit, my laundry has piled up to almost a place of no hope. I will pay someone a reasonable amount of money to do my laundry. I seriously have no time or energy for this shit.

I can't wait till I'm rich and I don't have to do this crap.
I'm sure by then there will be robot housekeepers.

Fuckin the Jetsons and shit.

Ya know?

Monday, November 28, 2005

last post about music ever i promise

I know I post a bunch about music, but seriously, you guys:

Ohmigod. I am gay for this dude.

HKATZNYU predicts the news

October 29th, HKATZNYU Halloween Show: Rachel died after kissing someone who'd eaten peanuts, since she was allergic.

Monday, November 28th, Quebec, Canada: A girl
dies after kissing her boyfriend who'd eaten peanuts, since she was allergic.

Our next show is about how I'm a handsome billionaire.

indie covers of the college dropout

Stereogum points us to some mp3s of indie bands covering songs of Ye's "The College Dropout." "Through The Wire" rapes the tempo of one of my favorite songs of ever and makes it into the freaky shout-y girl-band twitch I don't usually like unless it's Le Tigre ('cause their drums are sick.) They go back to the original tempo for the hook, and you're like, "I wish they'd done the whole thing this way." Then there's "Last Call," which is a lot better: they get kind of a dub thing going. But mostly it just makes me wish I was listening to the original. Anyway. If it gets cute indie girls listening unironically to Kanye then I suppose it's all for the best. Fun times; go listen.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble gobble!!

Happy Turkey day everyone! Or if you're not inclined to be carnivorous, Happy Tofurkey Day!

I'm thankful that the bird flu hasn't hit those turkeys, eh?

I'll be leaving for California soon. I'll send you some sunshine if you so please. There's plenty to go around.

Au revoir.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

local boy makes good/you in town this weekend?

Something I didn't know until just now: brillz comedian/close personal friend of Hammerkatz/NYU alum Aziz Ansari has a role in the new Todd Phillips/Scot Armstrong movie, says this item on his blog (Armstrong + Phillips did "Road Trip," "Old School"). That's so cool! I like that in one fell swoop, a Stern graduate has acheived more in show business than ninety-nine percent of Tisch graduates ever will. (Full disclosure: I will someday be a Tisch graduate.) (Tears.)

Ways to celebrate Aziz:

- become his
facebook friend
- go see his show at UCBT
next week

Are you in town this weekend? You ought to come see myself, Dominic, and Donald do three-person improv at the UCB's 3v3 Improv Cagematch semifinals, and vote for us. It will be Saturday night at 9:30 at the the
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. You can show up at eight, pay five bucks, and watch hilarious longform improv competition 'till the tourney concludes at like 12:30. Also the beer is real cheap (two dollar Rheingold, three dollar Bud). We are cute as shit and what else are you doing?


i have been found out!
ah, tis well. any british boys out there - i am well schooled in your ways. feel free to ask me out on dates.

i must say dc, though you give me a hard time about liking feelings and 'sex & the city' - you seem to care about feelings as well mr. "i rated all the seasons of the O.C. with 5 stars" - i trust you're learning new ways to woo those california girls. carry on my friend.

in other news... the fourth harry potter movie was amazing.. though they did leave out many things that i hold dear (ex: rita skeeter as a beetle) i still very much enjoyed it. british boys - check. feelings - check.

alsooooooo i saw "walk the line" and knowing very little about johnny cash beforehand thought it was a great flick - reese did a lovely job, much better than i expected, and mr. phoenix sure learned how to be on drugs for extended periods of time. british boys? no. feelings - check.

well i ought to get back to my paper that i'm putting off. it won't write itself.. if only i had a quick quotes quill...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

lauren sowa is a total girl

So HKATZNYU's Lauren (also a Weinstein RA) and I are Netflix buddies. I just discovered that this allows you to see the last seven or so DVDs "recently watched" by your Netflix buddy, as well as what they've just returned, what they've enjoyed, and what they've just placed on their queue. And after reviewing Lauren's info, I have come to one unshakable conclusion. Lauren Sowa is, in fact, a girl.

The last eight or so movies Lauren has watched have been stuffy costume dramas, most often featuring Kenneth Branagh/Colin Firth/Ralph Fiennes, some of them featuring dangerous Branagh/Firth/Fiennes cocktails. Emma Thompson is also in FULL BRITISH EFFECT. When not actually Shakespeare adaptations, Lauren's movies are adaptations of plays about Shakespeare's works ("Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead"). Lauren has rated highly a great number of "Sex & The City" DVDs.

So there you have it: Lauren Sowa Is A Girl Who Likes Things That Girls Like, Like British People and Feelings. The debate is over. The results are in.

I hope Lauren will keep being my Netflix buddy after I outed her as a Girl. In fact, I invite her to air my dirty Netflix laundry in public. I am sure she will find me to be nothing less than a gentleman of refined and ecclectic taste in cinema.

Friday, November 18, 2005

this that and the third

Long time y'all, too long. When I'd load this page, I got tired of looking at the Arcade Fire, as every hipster must. First things fuckin' last:

The Astor Place cube is back! To paraphrase Jay Z, "yea ma, the cube is back/tell the whole world the truth is back." They took it away "for cleaning" in the springtime and I think most of us assumed it was gone forevs. We were wrong. I walked into the balls-cold of late afternoon and found it in the midst of traffic as though it had never left! So exciting. For those of you who weren't around when it went away: you can push it and it rotates. Easier if you get a team of German tourists to help you. Try it today! Bully for public art that does not suck!

I don't have a whole lotta mp3s for you but the legendary Justin Purnell of UCB theater fame has a fuckton of new hotness in this
post. A Spoon remix, a track from this new Happy Bullets band I like quite a bit, some tracks from Sime's project-chick Cat Power (including an Oasis cover!), depressed hip-hop classic "What's Up Fatlip," and not one but TWO versions of one of my all time favorite songs, "Ceremony" (originally Joy Division, covered so well by Galaxie 500.) Check it.

I'm going to be maxing and relaxing with free beer at a
UCBT party this evening, if anyone would like to join me. Come one, come all. Should jump off around midnight after the Cracked Out Wedding.

Friday, November 11, 2005


See, my last entry was true, I wasn't bullshitting you:

Oh man....I'm sure I was around there at that time....damnit.

I gotta see a video of this...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dc weighs in on the issues that count...

So, the grad student strike. I have mixed feelings:

I HATE all forms of social activism,

but I LOVE improvised percussion, like banging on pans and empty water cooler bottles.

What's an apathetic guy to do?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005



What. The. Fuck!

I can't believe this...happened:

"...Arcade Fire took their case to the people and played an impromptu acoustic gig on a New York City street late Saturday night. According to NYC scenester blog Brooklyn Vegan, Win Butler, RĂ©gine Chassagne, and Will Butler set up outside a Union Square subway stop around two a.m. and ran through a set that included "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" as well as Pixies, Cure, and New Order covers. Now you know why people pay $1000 a month to live in a closet in that city."(Pitchfork Media)

I was in Union Square around that time...shit!!!

If anyone out there caught this impromptu performance and maybe got some pictures or something...send them my way!

My email address:

Watch out next week when Radiohead plays a quick set on the A train.

I can dream, can't I?!?


Hey you guys,

I finished my Fiona Apple Remix album. I think it came out pretty well (very different from my Sufjan Stevens remix album) You can download the whole thing at And as always, it's free. Thank you


Monday, November 07, 2005

French isn't very funny

You know your practice French oral exam isn't off too a good start when you walk in and your Dutch teacher says, "yeah, so, uh, vatz ze deel, alex?" Then the Irish grad student echoes, "Yeah, soatsthedeelalex" (you know, in that melodic Irish sort of way.)
I have something to admit. My name is Alex and I am a horrible French student. I don't deny it. I could blame that French teacher in High School we made cry, but that was just because she was fresh out of the peace core and not used to students who could look her in the eye, much less a bunch of rowdy rich kids from the suburbs. I didn't really make her cry. It mostly these two seniors who constantly showed up drunk to the class, since it was conveniently just after lunch. I think one of those two goes to A.A. now. The other works at Baskin Robbins.
No, I never studied. I don't study, now, unless there is a huge assignment due tomorrow or an exam in five hours. But, today, I made flash cards and planned ahead to visit that freaky Dutch lady during office hours. I suppose I have to since they're going all out during the strike and having class at some loser poetry cafe. Yeah, fuck that. I'm not going to learn any French at that place.
Sorry this wasn't funny in any way, shape, or form. I'm not going to apologize again.
p.s.-who wants to get together with me and pitch ideas back and forth. I have a great concept with breast cancer, but I can't seem to put it together.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why did we hire these assholes?

Here is a link to a trailer for me and Dom's thesis film Checkout, which stars a lot of Hammerkatz members and alums.

It was created without our permission by our publicity firm and It seems as though they've put all of their resources toward promoting only action movies from now on, so they decided to take the ad campaign for our film in a direction that neither Dom, Meggie, or myself would have ever thought possible.

For those who havent seen the movie and know nothing about it. this trailer is an abomination, the real film is is just a straight up character driven comedy and these fuckers perverted our vision, and stole a line from the x-files teaser......

Check it out.

Facial hair is art,

This is the sole reason I haven't shaved in over a month:

This site rocks.

I'm definitely gonna take a shot at the freestyle. Maybe I'll construct the Last Supper out of my beard or a unicorn battling the Loch Ness monster.

Who's this guy fooling:

He's not even trying. He has to make up for his shitty moustache with fancy gold clothing and a fuckin hat to match.

What an asshole...

And this guy just plain scares the fuck out of me:

(removed 'cause it was too big -dc)

I don't think he entered the contest voluntarily. They just found him on the street, put a jacket and tie on him and set him loose.

Don't look at the pic too long or else you'll have violent nightmares.

SO next time you get the urge to tell me to shave, think about the honor and prestige I'll be getting when I present a wonderful construction of facial hair like this guy's:

Blighton 2007, here I come!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The music from the end

Here's the song from the end of the Halloween show. It's actually a remix of a Radiohead Song called "National Anthem". But if you like hearing "Hammerkatz killin' zombies" over and over again, this song is for you.

The guy who sang for the song's name is Terrence Lampwig, he wanted me to plug him. He's a singer/songwriter on campus studying music in Steinhardt who believes "repitition is the heart of a song." He gets most of his music ideas from watching the "Muppet Show" high.

Anyway, if you see him a round campus (he only wears a leather jacket, has a beard, and carries a cross-bow) say hi.

mc DJ ft. Terrence Lampwig - "National Anthem"(Hammerkatz Halloween Mix)