Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i have been found out!
ah, tis well. any british boys out there - i am well schooled in your ways. feel free to ask me out on dates.

i must say dc, though you give me a hard time about liking feelings and 'sex & the city' - you seem to care about feelings as well mr. "i rated all the seasons of the O.C. with 5 stars" - i trust you're learning new ways to woo those california girls. carry on my friend.

in other news... the fourth harry potter movie was amazing.. though they did leave out many things that i hold dear (ex: rita skeeter as a beetle) i still very much enjoyed it. british boys - check. feelings - check.

alsooooooo i saw "walk the line" and knowing very little about johnny cash beforehand thought it was a great flick - reese did a lovely job, much better than i expected, and mr. phoenix sure learned how to be on drugs for extended periods of time. british boys? no. feelings - check.

well i ought to get back to my paper that i'm putting off. it won't write itself.. if only i had a quick quotes quill...

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