Sunday, November 06, 2005

Facial hair is art,

This is the sole reason I haven't shaved in over a month:

This site rocks.

I'm definitely gonna take a shot at the freestyle. Maybe I'll construct the Last Supper out of my beard or a unicorn battling the Loch Ness monster.

Who's this guy fooling:

He's not even trying. He has to make up for his shitty moustache with fancy gold clothing and a fuckin hat to match.

What an asshole...

And this guy just plain scares the fuck out of me:

(removed 'cause it was too big -dc)

I don't think he entered the contest voluntarily. They just found him on the street, put a jacket and tie on him and set him loose.

Don't look at the pic too long or else you'll have violent nightmares.

SO next time you get the urge to tell me to shave, think about the honor and prestige I'll be getting when I present a wonderful construction of facial hair like this guy's:

Blighton 2007, here I come!

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Lauren said...

sime you are such a dork.