Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is there lipstick on my nose?

Those of us lucky and cool enough to go see Regina Spektor tonight @ Skirball know how special that woman is.

It was part of the NYU Low-Decibel Notes From the Underground concert series. That means that the music is soooo cool that the notes are....low and...umm.....un...umm...they can't be...heard?
I don't know. I didn't name it. Leave me alone.

Anywho, Regina Spektor was amazing and adorable. She played a bunch of new songs that sounded quite awesome, as did the songs from previous albums. I was really close to the stage (second row bitches!), so it was wonderful and felt kinda intimate. Too bad the Skirball is ridiculously huge for something like this.

The best part is her mother was sitting RIGHT behind me. I resisted looking back at her during the song in which Regina sang "Two people next door are fucking to my song" to see her reaction. Hmm.

One thing I really do dislike at concerts is when people shout out names of songs they want to hear played, as if it's fucking TRL or some shit. Someone did that at one point early on and she said, ok and played that song. Since that seemed to work people thought it was ok to keep doing it. Later on while a bunch of people we're shrieking out song titles one guy said, you can play whatever you want and Regina liked that. I guess this modern, consumer culture has taught us that we always get what we want, so we must DEMAND it. People don't think that mayb, just maybe she might have a set list and want to play certain songs. Whatever. I'm over it! I really am!!

Oh, I forgot to mention the guy that opened for her: Micheal something-or-other...I can't recall his last names. He sang nautical love songs while playing a ukelele. This is the second time I've seen a show at NYU where the opening act played solely a ukelele. What the hell is going on?!? He was good nonetheless. He had a good sense of humor and was a good songwriter.

So yea, all in all a fantastic show! I wish I took a camera because I was in a prime spot to take pictoors. If anyone out there in cyberland reading this took any pics or snuck in a video camera and recorded some footage...send some my way:

Let's hope the next Low Decibel Animal Sounds Ground Rumble Coolnes concert is jsut as good.

And with twice as many ukeleles.

au revoir

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