Thursday, September 01, 2005

i heart the strand

so, i'm not gonna lie, i'm one of those girls who kept "journals" (aka diaries) for pretty much her whole life. i valued the privacy that they allowed me and i keep them safely in my basement bookshelf at home in PA, where i suppose now anyone could read them if they really wanted to hear the silly things i wrote in elementary and middle school. (the post-middle school ones are kept safely with me)
i've flitted around with the online journal thing.. because let's be honest, it's much easier to type than it is to hand-write an entry.. and who has time for the decoration that makes a handwritten journal truly unique? for most of this summer though i did the old fashioned journal thing and only now am i coming around to, once again, see the benefits of "blogging" ... (although in cyberland you can't cut out prophetic sayings from magazines and gluestick them next to your entry... you know you do it girls) but i must say that one of the best things about a technologically-run journal is that instead of some clipping from a victoria's secret ad campagin saying "we wholeheartedly support your love affair" or something ridiculous like that (okay that's really in my journal) i can now paste next to my entry... this..

hell yeah.

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