Tuesday, September 13, 2005


at rehearsal tonight for the september show (9/24), i was told to post some pics from our trip to syracuse last semester .. but first a little backstory.
so we went to syracuse university and participated in a comedy festival and our host was mr. belding from "saved by the bell" - yeah that's right.. although he was about twice his 'belding' size and still toooootally playing off his one successful gig.
so right before we go on to perform, he's backstage with all the performers giving us a pep talk - and he's like "this night is about you guys, let's go kick some ass" - what follows is an evening of him reminiscing about his days on "bell" and promising the audience that he would "give you all his autograph after the show" (which he did).. we did an awesome set that night but belding was the really funny one - and when i say funny, i mean sad - very, very sad.
so now, the pics!

Top Picture: Matt, Lauren, Belding (as he looks now), Donald, DC, Harry
Middle Picture: Trip up to Syracuse - DC and Donald in the back.. i got shotgun :)
Bottom Picture: Belding's autograph opportunity - a memento we will cherish forever. Does he have a real name?

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