Friday, November 18, 2005

this that and the third

Long time y'all, too long. When I'd load this page, I got tired of looking at the Arcade Fire, as every hipster must. First things fuckin' last:

The Astor Place cube is back! To paraphrase Jay Z, "yea ma, the cube is back/tell the whole world the truth is back." They took it away "for cleaning" in the springtime and I think most of us assumed it was gone forevs. We were wrong. I walked into the balls-cold of late afternoon and found it in the midst of traffic as though it had never left! So exciting. For those of you who weren't around when it went away: you can push it and it rotates. Easier if you get a team of German tourists to help you. Try it today! Bully for public art that does not suck!

I don't have a whole lotta mp3s for you but the legendary Justin Purnell of UCB theater fame has a fuckton of new hotness in this
post. A Spoon remix, a track from this new Happy Bullets band I like quite a bit, some tracks from Sime's project-chick Cat Power (including an Oasis cover!), depressed hip-hop classic "What's Up Fatlip," and not one but TWO versions of one of my all time favorite songs, "Ceremony" (originally Joy Division, covered so well by Galaxie 500.) Check it.

I'm going to be maxing and relaxing with free beer at a
UCBT party this evening, if anyone would like to join me. Come one, come all. Should jump off around midnight after the Cracked Out Wedding.

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Sime! said...

I don't believe anyone could get tired of looking at the Arcade wait, lemme rephrase that. I don't think that anyone could get tired of LISTENING to the Arcade Fire. That's it.

Mmmmmmmmmmm...Cat Power.....