Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The music from the end

Here's the song from the end of the Halloween show. It's actually a remix of a Radiohead Song called "National Anthem". But if you like hearing "Hammerkatz killin' zombies" over and over again, this song is for you.

The guy who sang for the song's name is Terrence Lampwig, he wanted me to plug him. He's a singer/songwriter on campus studying music in Steinhardt who believes "repitition is the heart of a song." He gets most of his music ideas from watching the "Muppet Show" high.

Anyway, if you see him a round campus (he only wears a leather jacket, has a beard, and carries a cross-bow) say hi.

mc DJ ft. Terrence Lampwig - "National Anthem"(Hammerkatz Halloween Mix)

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