Tuesday, November 22, 2005

local boy makes good/you in town this weekend?

Something I didn't know until just now: brillz comedian/close personal friend of Hammerkatz/NYU alum Aziz Ansari has a role in the new Todd Phillips/Scot Armstrong movie, says this item on his blog (Armstrong + Phillips did "Road Trip," "Old School"). That's so cool! I like that in one fell swoop, a Stern graduate has acheived more in show business than ninety-nine percent of Tisch graduates ever will. (Full disclosure: I will someday be a Tisch graduate.) (Tears.)

Ways to celebrate Aziz:

- become his
facebook friend
- go see his show at UCBT
next week

Are you in town this weekend? You ought to come see myself, Dominic, and Donald do three-person improv at the UCB's 3v3 Improv Cagematch semifinals, and vote for us. It will be Saturday night at 9:30 at the the
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. You can show up at eight, pay five bucks, and watch hilarious longform improv competition 'till the tourney concludes at like 12:30. Also the beer is real cheap (two dollar Rheingold, three dollar Bud). We are cute as shit and what else are you doing?

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