Sunday, November 20, 2005

lauren sowa is a total girl

So HKATZNYU's Lauren (also a Weinstein RA) and I are Netflix buddies. I just discovered that this allows you to see the last seven or so DVDs "recently watched" by your Netflix buddy, as well as what they've just returned, what they've enjoyed, and what they've just placed on their queue. And after reviewing Lauren's info, I have come to one unshakable conclusion. Lauren Sowa is, in fact, a girl.

The last eight or so movies Lauren has watched have been stuffy costume dramas, most often featuring Kenneth Branagh/Colin Firth/Ralph Fiennes, some of them featuring dangerous Branagh/Firth/Fiennes cocktails. Emma Thompson is also in FULL BRITISH EFFECT. When not actually Shakespeare adaptations, Lauren's movies are adaptations of plays about Shakespeare's works ("Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead"). Lauren has rated highly a great number of "Sex & The City" DVDs.

So there you have it: Lauren Sowa Is A Girl Who Likes Things That Girls Like, Like British People and Feelings. The debate is over. The results are in.

I hope Lauren will keep being my Netflix buddy after I outed her as a Girl. In fact, I invite her to air my dirty Netflix laundry in public. I am sure she will find me to be nothing less than a gentleman of refined and ecclectic taste in cinema.

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Anonymous said...

You spell "eclectic" with three C's, not four, asshole.