Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm in the library. A bunch of strikers just came into the lobby, unfurled a big banner, sat down on the floor, and started chanting. Apparently what they want is a contract and when they want it is now.

This is just like the 60's except no good folk music and nobody's having guilt-free hippie-sex with me.

The chant is speeding up to indicate their increasing level of seriousness.

Now they're all going WOO! to indicate...well, woo, I guess.


Alex said...

Yeah, I was a little pissed I couldn't get into the library. Do you think the radical faction of the gsoc will soon promote further and possibly more violent demonstrations in the near future?

Adam Pally's blog said...

Your sketches make the top of the Bobstbrary look real tempting...