Thursday, October 06, 2005

you all everybody

So myself, Donald, Dominic, and Dan are in Donald's hometown of Atlanta to perform the DERRICK show this weekend. It is weird: I am very close with this dude yet this is the first time I have met his parents or been in his house. Needless to say, so far we have spent this remarkable opportunity in a locale so different from our everyday watching LOST on DVD in Donald's basement. If you have seen Lost you know how okay it is that we've focused so much on it.

(Private non-spoiler message for the Losties out there: DUDE!!! WHOA! RIGHT? The second season is NOT fucking around.)

Responding to other people's posts:

Rachel is under the impression she's the only freshman in HKATZNYU. This is correct. We often make her the target of tirades about how we just don't understand the youth of today and their fast talk and their godless technology. I made it my business to smash her iPod nano with my cane.

Sime likes the new Broken Social Scene album. I haven't heard it, but like he said, their first one is a closer. In the car on the way here we had a very autumnal sunset moment to "Anthems Of A Seventeen Year Old Girl," after which we pulled over to the side of the interstate and made the fark out, all four of us dudes. Speaking of, "I'm Still Your Fag" is the prettiest song ever to feature the words "I swore I would drink your piss." This is empirically true. Scientists have handed me charts about this sort of thing.

Matt celebrates Rosh Hashanah the way he celebrates every day: recklessly shoving food in his mouth while laughing in the face of store employees. I have been in Space Market with this man while he gleefully ate nine dollars worth of sushi bar in that way where you keep pretending you're not gonna do a bad thing then you go "oops," and shove another tuna roll in your face and cackle, you know the way I'm talking about. Very few of the great Evil Geniuses have been Jewish. We're glad to have one of the few on our team.

Lauren will make you join our
Facebook group whether you like it or not. Join us before we're so popular we ain't popular no more.

There is a facebook announcement up right now for a bar that offers both "FIVE DOLLAR PITCHERS/BEER BONG IN BACK" and "UNDERGROUND HIPHOP." 'Cause nothing says concious, socially active rhymesaying like a sorority girl getting reverse-stomach-pumped full of Natty Light.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a big concious hip hop fan (I like my rap shallow, thanks) so I was actually favoring the Natty-Light-dumpster-girl in this comparison.

Now I'm imagining a stereotypical party girl fighting Common. It would look something like:


Imagine she's throttling him with the beer bong tube and Common just piledrives her. Seriously, dude is like seven one even without the pretentious muffin hat.

Just imagine it.

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