Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What. The. Fuck.

Look, it's not like i hate nice weather. I don't. In fact, i love it. Alot. But there's something that just fucks with my world when there's a general consensus from everyone that it's fall, and it's chilly, and we all start dressing appropriately, and then BAM: the sun swoops down out of its orbit around the earth and shines a little too hot on my person. I'm writing this post in between classes in the basement of tisch right now because i couldn't wait one more second to stick one to ol' Mother Nature. It may interest you to know that i'm sweating my ass off inside of a hoodie (with a t-shirt underneath!!!!!!!!!1) and track pants. Then again, it may interest you to know that my relationship with otters is questionable at best after the little "run in" i had at the Bronx Zoo. I don't know. All i know is that i'm so fucking hot i want to go up to a policeman in the subway and ask to inspect HIS backpack. THAT'S how crazy i am right now. (not that i've ever been stopped by a policeman for that. i'm not brown. i'm white.) Anyway, i have to go to class and try to pretend that the heat in my classroom (that they just conviniently turned on yesterday) isn't broiling me to death inside of this sauna i call my clothes. You know what, fuck it. I'm just gonna go to a gym, get a monthly membership, and sit in a goddamned sauna in my clothes, because maybe i'll be a tad more comfortable than i am right now.

If anyone wants to join me, feel free to call. Otherwise, go punch the sun in the junk and tell 'im it's from me.

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Anonymous said...

well it's true, life can be amazingly uncomfortable. Next time you are so hot, why don't you meander over to whole foods and grab some raw fish, guaranteed to cool the soul. then down some gaspacho, and you will feel much better.

Life is short. You are so hot anyway, that a few extra degrees shouldn't matter. It comes with the territory.

A secret admirer.