Friday, October 07, 2005

skinny kids talk music... what I fear this blog will become if me and Sime keep posting more than anybody else.

And then it will be just like the rest of the Internet.

That said: Like
Sime, I hate it when people shout out requests at concerts. Unless I'm doing the shouting, then it's totally justified, 'cause I knows what I likes and I have the right to share, loudly. I still insist that the Decemberists owe me "Here I Dreamt I Was An Architecht" live. I saw them twice this spring, no luck. You KNOW I shouted it a bunch, though.

Sime said he's seen two shows now where the opening act was somebody with a ukelele. Sheems: was the first one
Emilyn Brodsky, opening for the aformentioned 'cemberists? If so: wasn't she fucking awesome? I have been nursing the most retarded music-nerd-crush on her since that show. It may have been the part between cute-yet-incisive ditties where she told a guy in the crowd she "hates hippies." Y'all: check her site for mp3s and share in my rockgeek infatuation.

I think I'm gonna establish a policy whereby if you express a musical opinion, you have to post an mp3 to go with it. It don't have to be related (as I'm about to prove) but I feel like it gives us something to share besides opinions, which, as we know, are like assholes: you are one. (OH SNAP!!! YOU ARE AN OPINION!) Music is the real deal, the opinions are just fumes we throw off in the futile attempt to give back as much love as the music give us.

And if that's pretentious, I don't wanna be...not pretentious.

In the spirits of broad proclamations I don't feel much like taking back, here's a song you will love if you have a soul:

Architecture In Helsinki - "Do The Whirlwind" (right click/save as/rock out)

Now how about we hear from somebody who, y'know, goes outside occasionally?

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Sime! said...

Yea, it was Brodsky at the Decemberists. Yes, she was very awesome. Yes, I realize I should post mp3s. Yes, I am naked.
No, I'm not touching myself.