Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More music stuff

I've decided to take a break from hip-hop. I realized that most of my ideas when it comes to making music come from things that are not hip-hop related. Sort of like with sketch comedy, most of the good shit comes from reading a good book or reading an article that is in no way comedic. Then you start thinking and BAM! The funny. Or just cool ideas in general.

So on that tip Id like to introduce Esthero. Shes this Canadian singer. Really good. I was really into her in high cchool and she just came out with her second album Wikked little Grrrrls. Heres a sample. Its sorta Sade-esque and sexy in a something youd play when it's raining in a BET late night special. But so sick. Awesome. Bye.

Esthero - Wikked Lil Grrrls -
Thank Heaven for You


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