Saturday, October 22, 2005

going, going, back, back, to syracuse

HKATZNYU is headed to the Syracuse University Empire Comedy Festival tomorrow morning bright and early. We plan to rock it out then party it up. (Motions to rock it up then party it out will also be entertained.) Wish us luck.

Some links to songs for the road:

Ninja High School - Canadian nerd-hop. Dig "Shake It Off," which samples dude's near-favorite song, "Naive Melody" by Talking Heads. I like it, but then again...I'm a hip-hop nerd. 2 Much Fun!

Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch" - European uberdance. Music to fuck a robot to. This song rocks in the most vespa-crash-on-the-autobahn way possible.

(you will notice both these links are to, who is a much better mp3 blogger than I am.)

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