Monday, October 17, 2005

An amazing feat

I have just achieved a dream I didnt even know I had.

I have just been invited to a lingerie party. Like an actual one.

And its funny. Lots of girls put up fake facebook parties that are not ACTUALLY lingerie parties. Basically its a ploy to get guys to come and they actually spend the rest of the night talking about how people should be getting naked, they use it to break the ice, maybe one asshole guy takes of his shirt, but quickly puts it back on when he realizes hes gonna have to make a Mikes Hard Lemonade run in a minute.

No, no, no, no. This is an actual lingerie party. If you step to the door with clothes, you cant come in. Or you have to throw them in a bin when you get there. I had it confirmed by the host.

This is probably as close as Ill ever get to the O.C. or Entourage, so Im stoked. You dont hear a lot about cool parties cause I feel in general NYU students are too good for stupid theme parties. Unless theyre ironic. But ironic parties blow. And theres usually Modest Mouse or something playing. Note: Indie/emo/hipster kids, you cant dance to indie. I love indie music, its awesome. But if Im at a party, drinking, smoking, dancing, whatever, I wanna hear Biggie calling a woman a ho or killing a cop.

Its all fantasy. Let me enjoy my fantasy. Geez.


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