Sunday, September 04, 2005

who is going to play the Mystery Concert?

Last year I bribed two freshman girls with all the money I had in my wallet for tickets to the Mystery Concert right out in front of Coles. The headlining band was The Shins, flush with post-Garden State popularity, backed up by the Fiery Furnaces. Now I don't wanna get all Ol' Man Rock-n-Roll on you, but dude has been a huge Shins fan from way back. Unfortunately, dude also had a 7-10 pm drawing class on the night of the concert (signing up for that class would prove to be the worst decision ever, in many ways) so I didn't bother getting a ticket 'cause I didn't think I could go. But we got out of drawing early (my friend Caileen and I) and just sorta assumed we could skeez on in to the show.

Nothing at NYU is ever that easy.

Apparently the show was sold out, so I stood in front of Coles going "I'll give you all the money in my wallet for Shins ticket! You know you don't like 'em that much and you know I do!"

It turned out all the money I had in my wallet was eight bucks. This proved to be enough to ply a ticket from two Freshman girls who were admittedly not all that enthusiastic about going. Great, now we can get dinner, they said. Rock feeds the children once again.

The show was boss-some. The Shins covered "Strange Powers" by The Magnetic Fields and it was altogether eight bucks well spent.

So who's playing this year, Student With Your Finger On The Pulse Of Our Fair Institution? It always gets leaked. It was Fountains of Wayne my freshman year (people were audibly disappointed, I like 'em well enough, but either way I didn't go.) Various rumors I've heard include Iron & Wine (this really sounds like more of an opener, dude is awesome but nobody is rocking their dicks off to Iron & Wine, and dick-rocking is exactly what I want out of a headliner) Sufjan Stevens (his new album, while not exactly dick-rocking, is orchestral enough in some places to secure dude headliner status, but he still feels like an opener) and The Arcade Fire, according to NYU alum and altogether hilarious fellow Aziz Ansari. This sounds likely, they're supposed to be amazing live.

But somebody out there knows for sure. So come on then, out with it.

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