Tuesday, September 06, 2005

table read, mystery concert, other things

It is everybody's first day of school except me! I don't have class on Tuesdays! What's that? Sit in the park, read a book, and drink a Snapple? Why thank you kindly blogstranger, I think I shall!

Had my first Upstein Chic-Fil-A meal yesterday. It was as wondernous as I'd remembered, except they seem to have gotten rid of the dipping sauces. The Earth kept spinning. Barely.

Speaking of Upstein, HKATZ NYU had a table read of all the sketches to be considered for the September show there yesterday night. Everybody wrote a ridiculous amount; this show is going to be full-to-bursting and sexy as hell. Donald and I are meeting tonight to determine the lineup. The show is tentatively scheduled for September 24th, but keep checking back for up-to-the-minute changes in that date, or at least the font I wrote the date in.

Mystery Concert: answers to my inquiry "Who is playing the Mystery Concert?" were slow in coming. Donald continues to insist it's Iron and Wine, though the folk-er from Miami may have a "special guest," who D and I would both like to believe is Sufjan Stevens, although dude's tour dates seem to insist he'll be in Massachusetts that evening (boo). Either way I'll be there on Thursday night. It's just too free not to go.

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