Thursday, September 08, 2005

steve likes lost/things

hey all

this is my first post...weeee!

if anyone has $40 layin' about (like you do) i heartily recommend trecking over to best buy and grabbing lost season 1 on DVD...its awesome and has joined my list of satanic things i'm addicted to (included: cigarettes, buffy, quizzo...)

i would like to apologize to all in my history of directing class, my first legit class-i'm-not-dropping this year. It seems i may have disappeared for a half hour and then mumbled something about the medical not ponder what horrible biological fate befell me...merely think i enjoyed my morning running through a idyllic field while cavorting with bunnies and cute children whose birthday is today.

i would also like it noted for the record that inspite of what sadewitz might have some parties believe i have done the dishes in our apartment. they are sparkling and wonderful. do not believe his lies. lies i tell you lies.

early september is awesome, as is the line-up for our next show.


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