Monday, September 19, 2005

improv was fun, the new pornographers are funner

Hey y'all. The double top-secret HKATZ Improv show on Friday night was too much fun. Cheers to those of you who made it out. Scenes about Aztecs and conquistadors were done, so you should be sorry you missed it, and be sure you don't the next time one of these happens. Stay tuned.

Have you heard the New Pornographers' new album? Oh man. It's the jump-off, or the jam, or clipped out, depending on which colloquialism you favor. It is so pretty I am convinced Jesus lives inside of it. Or some other steady-rockin' deity.

If you have never heard the Canadian popmonster that is the NPs, here are some tracks to get you started. One is from their previous album "The Electric Version," the other is a nice cover. They're both barn-burners. Rockit.

New Pornographers - "The Laws Have Changed"

New Pornographers - "Your Daddy Don't Know"

See you at auditions tommorrow and Wednesday, and then the show on Saturday.

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