Friday, September 23, 2005

I decided to start my first real post with something big. So I decided to start on my birthday, which is this weekend.

Usually on my birthday I treat myself to something. You know…a video game, stereo equipment, skateboard stuff…but this year…I really messed.

I was walking down university and thinking “what should I get for myself… I know! A sweater! It’s getting chilly outsi-“

And in mid-sentence I brokedown and cried. I’d realized I was old. Officially. I’m really old. Terribly old.

A fucking sweater, Donald?!? Because it’s “getting chilly”. What a douche!

The kid I baby-sits B-day was this Thursday. He got a rock set, a crystal growing set, a robot arm, the Millennium Falcon, and astronaut ice cream. And there I am, saying to myself “That ice cream looks messy, I hope he eats that in the kitch-WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING!!!

Don’t get old guys. I’m not celebrating my birthday this year. You guys should do the same.

I’m gonna go watch Animaniacs on DVD and try to regain my youth.


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