Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't Sleep On Japan

You don't wanna do homework either. Look at these hysterical Japan-related sites instead.

Engrish.com: Just like the US likes to throw Japanese characters on our clothes, posters, and tattoos without really know what they mean, the Japanese like to put bad English on all their products. It's a style thing. This website collects the most hilarious examples of this phenomenon. NUMBER ONE COMPUTER SITE FOR ROCK N' ROLL HOURS!

Japander.com: Lost In Translation is true, in the sense that our washed-up celebrities go over to Japan and do terrible commercials 'cause they think we won't see 'em. We didn't, either, 'till this awesome page. And they aren't even washed up, neither. Witness Brad Pitt playing gee-tar and singing in Japanese. You're welcome.

Lost In Translation is also true, in the sense that Scarlett Johannson is staring vacantly out hotel windows instead of making out with me.

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