Sunday, September 11, 2005

DC's song of the week 9/12/05

As promised, the Song Of The Week this week has a Nineties theme. Back to school always has a knack for making a dude feel nostalgic, what with the smell of new school supplies and the thought that you will only do this so many more times before you have to go out into the world and do, y'know, whatever it is people do. Makes you think about when you were eleven and being eleven seemed to be about the hardest thing anybody could ever asked to bear. Silly eleven-year-old you. Go back to watching the Aladdin animated series on Disney Afternoons and leave the worrying to those of us who mistakenly think we're grown-ups.

This song is by Imperial Teen, and is certifiably from The Nineties (96, to be exact.) It's about crushes and sexual confusion. It's also catchy and fun as fuck. I'm down for any song where you can work yourself up to a good shout-y refrain. I imagine it would be nice to roller-skate to.

Imperial Teen - "Butch"

Right click/save as. I'll take it down next week.

Also: Two new leaked Franz Ferdinand tracks on this blog, via the ever-vigilant Aziz. The site is named after a Belle & Sebastian song, so you know we can trust this dude. Lotsa other good mp3s for grabbin'.

See you at Upstein.

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