Wednesday, September 21, 2005

cheers, first day auditioners/new strokes song

DUDE! The first day of auditions went sensationally. Thanks to all those who came out and rocked ass in cramped lil' Kimmel 908.

If you haven't come out yet, we'll see you this afternoon in Kimmel 908 from 4-6 or tonight at the Palladium Multipurpose Room from 9-12:30. We recommend you show fifteen or so minutes early if you can. You don't have to prepare anything.

The ever-ready Stereogum has a link to the new Strokes song. I dunno how to feel about it. As far as first-Strokes-singles go, it ain't no "12:51."

Also (it's a good day on the 'Gum) he has a cover of the song probably most-done-bits-about by Hammerkatz, Earth Wind and Fire's "September."

See you tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys-
where/when are results from the auditions posted? i assume if i haven't heard by now it's probably bad news, but i figured i'd make sure